Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beautiful And Soft Feet

1)Soak The Feet
Warm 10 Cups Of Water.Add 2 Cups Of Honey And 3 Cups Of Milk.Mix Them All,And Then Keep Your Feet Soaked In The Mixture For About 30 Minutes.
2)Wash Your Feet Daily,Get Rid Of Dead Skin On Feet.Massage Your Feet And Apply Lotions.
3)Rub Your Feet With Aloe Vera Gel.Aloe Vera Gel Will Soothe Your Skin.
4)Warm 10 Cups Of Water,Add Lemon And Honey,Mix Them All.Keep Your Feet For About 20 Minutes.After That Massage Olieve Oil Or Coconut Oil To Feet.
5)Apply Glycerin And Rose Water On Your Feet For Softer Skin.
6)Take 10 Cups Of Warm Water,Add Add Half Cup Of Sea Salt,3 Slice Of Lime,Few Drops Of Olive Oil.Mix Them All.And Soak Your Feet For 20 Minutes.
7)Create A Home Made Scrub,Take 4 Cups Of Salt/Sugar,Add Half Cup Of Oil(Coconut,Almond Or Vegetable Oil).Mix Them All Scrub Your Feet With That Mixture.
8)Wash Your Feet With Warm Water And Dry It.Apply Any Moisturizer And Massage For 5 Minutes For Blood Circulation.
9)Rub Your Feet With Pumice Stones.
10)Soak Your Feet In Warm Milk And Wash It Off With Warm Water.After 10 Minutes Massage Your Feet With Rose Water.


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