Sunday, 11 May 2014

Health Benefits Of Amla/Indian GoosBerry

1)Cures Sore Throat And Cold.
2)Great Vitamin C Source.
3)Cures Sleep Disorders.
4)Improves EyeSight.
5)Regulates Acid Levels In The Stomach.
6)Cures Gastric Disorders.
7)Blood Purifier.
8)Controls Diabetis.
9)High In Antioxidants.
10)Great For The Skin.
11)High Fiber.
12)Cures Constipation Problems.
13)Relief From painful Mouth Ulcers.
14)Massage Head With Amla Oil Is Good For Hair.
15)Regulates Blood Sugars.
16)Lowering Cholesterol Level.
17)Increases Haemoglobin And Red Blood Cells Count.
18)It Enhances All The Seven Tissues.
19)Amla Powder Cleans Pimples And Acnes.
20)Amla Powder Prevents Dandruff.


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