Monday, 12 May 2014

Hide Last Sreen TimeStamp On WhatsApp

1)Click On Settings Menu And Enable 'Download From Unknown Sources' In The Security Tab.
2)Download APK File From WhatsApp WebSite(
3)Install APK,And Tap On It.
4)It Will Show Two Options-Package Installer And Verify And Install.
5)Select Package Installer.
6)You Will Get A Message Like 'This Application Will Make Changes To WhatsAp'.
7)Allow It.
8)Now WhatsApp Has Updated.
9)Now Click On Settings-->Account-->Privacy.
10)You Will See The 'Last Seen' Option Here.
11)It Will Display Three Options Like 'Everyone','My Contacts','Nobody'.
12)Select Any Option.
13)If You Stop Others From Seeing Your 'Last Seen' TimeStamp,You Were Not Be Able To See Their Either.


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