Monday, 12 May 2014

Useful Commands In Windows

1Ctrl+Shift+TOpen Accidentally Closed Tab On Your Browser
2Ctr+If You Want To Increase/Decrease Font In The Word Document
3Alt+TabSwitching Between Windows
4WindowsKey+Right ArrowOpen Any Application,Click On Windows Key+Right Arrow.The Application Will Open In The RightSide.
5WindowsKey+LeftArrowOpen Any Application,Click On Windows Key+Left Arrow.The Application Will Open In The LeftSide.
6Alt+T+WWord Count In MicroSoft Word Document.
7WindowsKey+DDirect Desktop
8WindowsKey+EOpen My Computer
9WindowsKey+LLock The Screen
10Ctrl+Shift+UpArrowSelect Text From Starting Of The Paragraph
11Ctrl+Shit+DownArrowSelect Text From Cursor To End Of The Paragraph


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